Unannounced hygiene audits for supermarkets are becoming increasingly common, encouraging a much stronger food safety culture ad providing greater transparency into the supply chain. While this is becoming more common, it is still a voluntary approach brought in as part of the BRC unannounced audit programme of which 900 sites are now part of.

So what if unannounced audits where to shift from optional to compulsory? would business’ really look to how they can implement the BRC Standards in a real, living and breathing way into their business or will it make those who don’t fully want to invest into the idea try harder to fudge through the next audit and be found wanting?

V7 of the BRC Global Standards now has more emphasis on sound manufacturing practices,placing importance on areas which usually have the highest rate of recalls and withdrawals, such as labelling and packaging,made all the more complec by global supply chains.

Knowledge is power! -This can be said to be true knowing what to expect and what is required from an audit, as well as fully understanding your supply chain end to end

With even more positive moves towards building customer confidence in the food and beverage industry, as well as clearer and more defined regulations for those operating within it, sometimes knowing is not enough – actions speak louder than words and collaboration is key!

V7 of the BRC Global Standards places more importance on areas which usually have the highest rate of recalls and withdrawals.

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