There’s further evidence of increased pressure on margins for the food and drinks sector with Steve Richards, chief executive of Casual Dining Group (CDG), recently referring to an ‘unprecedented’ increase in costs that is expected to impact margins in the sector by 25% by 2020.

At the Propel Finance and Investment Conference, Richards said that he believed the rises would result in British foodservice companies turning to automation and technology in a bid to work more cost effectively by reducing labour.

There’s no doubt that going digital is the smarter way to work. That’s why so many operators in the hospitality sector are turning to Authenticate IS. Given an ever-increasing workload facing technical teams as well as burgeoning amounts of compliance data, using cutting edge technology such as our platform means that you no longer need to rely on time-consuming, traditional methods of auditing which require mountains of spreadsheets and emails.

A sophisticated online food mapping system like Authenticate IS gives you the ability to build your own self-assessment and audit templates, as well as featuring an integrated supplier database and real-time data and results, enabling you to quickly and easily produce insightful reports and analytics. Complete with built in reminders and notifications, there’s no chance of anything being overlooked!

Benefitting from a single fixed price rather than a charge per assessment, Authenticate offers a cost effective way of lessening the burden of auditing. As well as helping you to spot any problems immediately, it will also provide insight into trends and enable you to swiftly assess performance with access anytime, anywhere. You will also be able to enjoy the convenience of viewing all of your supply chain data in one place, and you can expect better response rates too!

Launched just a few months ago, the Authenticate IS advanced audit and assessment module is already helping to save money for forward-looking food service companies.

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