Simply put, supply chain software helps businesses manage various aspects of their supply chain with greater efficiency to achieve their objectives and improve performance.

What can supply chain software do?

Our innovative supply chain software encourages supplier collaboration through the tiers to provide visibility, deliver insight and drive efficiencies through:

  • Supply Chain Mapping – Map, monitor and visualise live supply chains across all tiers for complete transparency.
  • Supplier Audits & Assessments – Create custom digital surveys to monitor compliance, manage risk and benchmark suppliers from anywhere in the world.
  • Certification Monitoring – Track live supplier certification status against key assurance schemes including Sedex, BRC, Red Tractor, Global GAP and many more to maintain standards and save time.
  • Product Specifications – Build, manage and share complex product specifications across multiple categories to streamline processes.
  • Document Management – Centrally store, share, organise and manage critical documentation, declarations and policies with supplier and internal teams.
  • Incident Management – Collaboratively raise, monitor and resolve critical incidents across supply chains to prevent future issues.
  • Supplier KPI Management– Manage and score supplier performance over time against key, custom metrics.
  • Analytics & Dashboards – Transform static data into actionable insight using standard and customised dashboards to inform decision-making.
  • ESG Maturity Assessment – Understand internal and supplier performance against critical environmental, social and governance matters using a standardised, validated assessment template and scorecard.

The benefits of supply chain software

Improve supply chain transparency

Supply chain transparency is now regulatory requirement across the globe with an increasing number of governments implementing steps to address the role of businesses in protecting people and the planet in their supply chains and operations.

Having more transparency in your supply chains can also help organisations to improve efficiencies, as well as boost reputation with consumers.

“At a time when transparency is essential for any sourcing department, the Authenticate platform provides a unique level of farm-to-fork visibility for the foodservice sector”

Simon Galkoff, Group Procurement Director, The Big Table Group

Improve productivity and efficiency

Supply chain software can help you improve productivity and efficiency by automating tasks that have historically been time – and resource – draining. Having a greater level of transparency across your supply chain can also help deliver efficiencies by streamlining compliance processes and mitigating potential risks.

Real-time reporting

Supply chain software can provide you with the analytics and reports you need to take the right actions in the moment based on real-time data from your entire supply chain.

With a suite of standardised dashboards covering supplier, assessment, product mapping, incidents overviews and much more, our platform delivers valuable supply chain and risk information at the touch of a button.

Leading brands are already using our data analytics and dashboard solutions to mitigate risk and ensure responsible supply chain operations by diving into the detail that matters.

Mitigate risk in the supply chain

Supply chains are becoming more complex, and technical/ESG compliance requirements more demanding. By obtaining and managing critical data digitally through supply chain software, it is much easier to manage the most common risks to your business including:

  • Reputational risk – caused by poor supply chain ethics or poor quality products
  • Regulatory risk – caused by non-compliance in regards to any sourcing, outsourcing or offshoring within your supply chain
  • Resilience risk – caused when supplier failure has an impact on your overall ability to deliver
  • Commercial risk – financial loss caused by poor supply chain management or reputational damage impacting clients and consumers
  • Information security and privacy risk – occurs when any sensitive data is compromised through a cyber security breach or failure from a supplier

Improve compliance

Supply chain software allows you to easily review and monitor live supplier certification status as well as providing you with greater visibility into the day-to-day operations of those within your supply chain to ensure they are complying with key assurance schemes and your requirements.

“We’re using the platform to ensure compliance to industry standard, for example the platform has a link to the BRC database so we can ensure all partners within our supply chain are maintaining their BRC status, which is a prerequisite for own-label supply in the UK.”

David Houghton, Technical Director – Winterbotham Darby

Greater innovation and agility

With higher levels of transparency and a central, streamlined analytics dashboard, companies are able to more easily and quickly identify areas for improvement and recognise the actions that need to be taken.

The multi-tier nature of modern day supply chains require full transparency and supplier collaboration to manage risk and uncover opportunities.

With the ability to map products from direct and indirect suppliers all the way back to source, supply chain software drives visibility, assurance and efficiency for your business, from anywhere in the world.

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