In today’s modern world, the process of bringing food to our plates has become a complex and intricate journey. From the moment crops are planted in the soil to final consumption, various steps are taken to ensure the safety and quality of the food.

Let’s explore the fascinating food journey from farm to fork, highlighting vital measures for people’s well-being. Moreover, we will discover how our platform ensures transparency and provides assurance when it comes to the safety and authenticity of the food we consume.

All these complex steps are digitised in Authenticate’s collaborative platform…

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Through supply chain mapping, you can easily track the journey from the farm where the food is grown to its final destination at the point of sale or consumption. Each stage is meticulously recorded and securely stored within the platform.

In recent times, there have been several instances of food fraud, highlighting the need to map your supply chain. By doing so, businesses can confidently trace the country of origin and the entire journey of the food, instilling a sense of trust in its safety and quality.

Our audits and assessment module enables you to have a systematic and thorough evaluation of suppliers’ adherence to food safety standards and regulations. It ensures that proper safety measures are implemented at every step of the supply chain. You can verify if farming practices meet required standards, such as pesticide usage, irrigation methods, and animal welfare. These assessments also guarantee that farms follow appropriate storage and transportation protocols to maintain ingredient quality and integrity.

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Authenticate integrates certifications and standards to allows businesses to quickly determine if the food meets specific criteria like organic, fair-trade, or sustainable certifications. The platform offers a convenient way for businesses to verify claims made by food producers and make choices that align with their values and preferences. With the certification module, food safety and authenticity are ensured throughout the entire journey from farm to fork.

By utilizing the Authenticate platform, businesses can gain a comprehensive understanding of the journey their food has taken from the farm to their fork. Thus building trust with consumers, enhancing transparency in the supply chain, and reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses and fraudulent practices.

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