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Mitigate modern slavery

See the scale of supply chains through the tiers with mapping, conduct supplier audits to identify risk, capture/share policies and monitor progress via dashboards, all in a secure, central platform. 


Diminish deforestation

With only 47% of businesses working beyond tier 1 to mitigate deforestation risk, whatever your priority, from palm oil and soy, to cocoa and tea, categorise supply chains by product, see supplier status against relevant assurance schemes and filter by supplier location to protect vital habitats.


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Capture scope 3 emissions

With only 20% of businesses reporting on scope 3 emissions, by mapping supply chains through the tiers, understand full carbon footprint by collaborating with suppliers and collating data via audits and KPIs.


Manage plastics & packaging

Manage packaging component breakdowns using our product specification tool, and see plastic reduction over time with defined KPI data inputs and dashboard reports.


Gather data for B Corp with Authenticate

“Authenticate supports our continued work on building industry leading food safety and quality assurance systems, whilst also providing valuable information linking to our many sustainability initiatives. Accurate and real-time data is the foundation of decision making at HelloFresh, with Authenticate providing an aligned solution.” Senior Director of International Safety, Quality & Operational Compliance

HelloFresh Case Study


Understand ESG performance

Join 1,000+ businesses completing our standardised ESG Assessment, developed in partnership with Anthesis, to get a full picture of ESG maturity against a range of critical issues. Why not request your supply chain to complete it too?


Improve animal welfare

Map supply chains back to farm, audit suppliers, track performance against KPIs and see certification status against key assurance schemes real-time to accelerate animal welfare improvements.