See your suppliers all over the world on one map 

When a basic understanding of your direct (tier 1) suppliers is not enough, full chain of custody mapping provides visibility all the way back to source for total supply chain transparency.

This can be used to monitor compliance, reduce risk and highlight previously unseen areas of your trading network, right back to source.

The newly created ‘My Network’ area now provides the option to display the locations of all customers and suppliers on a single, global map…

Eliminate blind spots

Link your products to detailed supplier profiles at every stage of the journey.

A full chain of custody is created as a thread of transactions that displays vital compliance information about all of the direct and indirect suppliers involved in the creation and distribution of your products.


Build trust through transparency

More and more responsible food businesses are working with Authenticate to establish trust with their customers by knowing not only where products have come from but how they got there and from whom they have been sourced. 

The platform’s custom-built software and data services build up a clear picture of the ‘farm to fork’ journey, allowing you to zoom in on your supply chain faster than ever before.


Authenticate the origins of your products

A quick-view country of origin display sits underneath the full supply chain map on each product’s page, even for complex SKUs with components sourced from multiple locations…

Example country of origin display for a houmous and vegetable wrap

Manage your mapping projects with the new LIVE status screen…

A series of quick-view charts show the number of linked suppliers with active profiles on the platform, plus a breakdown of all pending and accepted requests.

Filter by product category or by supplier to quickly locate the exact data you need, as soon as you need it.

Example status screen


Location reporting

Custom-built supply chain mapping software created by Authenticate’s in-house development team makes it easy to create detailed location reports to report against your full supply chain and identify potential areas of risk.

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Authenticate is an online platform that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Log in at your desk, or access on your mobile phone.


The platform draws data from a range of 3rd party sources via automated API feeds, providing instant access to real-time data.


Authenticate is changing the way the global food industry approaches transparency and compliance.

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