Create great specs at the click of a button

Spec Builder is a new button that Authenticate members can click when viewing a product’s data page.

The technology behind it feeds existing data into a fully comprehensive, auto-formatted product specification document..


Spec Builder Benefits…

Dynamic data: Move away from static specs by using live data from suppliers

Safer than spreadsheets: Authorisation is time-stamped with recorded version history

A smarter fit: A flexible, auto-formatted template for simple and complex products


Sharing made simple

If your customers are Authenticate members, they will be able to access live specs instantly. If they’re not, you can always download a PDF to send in an email, just like the good old days


Unlimited versions, updated instantly

The quick-search function allows you to view, amend and recreate unlimited versions

Stress-free spec management 

The overview dashboard allows you to track the status of your current specs, so you can easily identify which ones are incomplete or due for review


Section guide:

  • Product details:
  • Description, country of origin, brand, legal name, class, target market
  • Company name/address
  • Production sites
  • Contact details
  • Ingredients:
  • Recipe ingredients
  • Processing aids
  • Additives
  • Cooking instructions
  • Nutritional Information:
  • All individual nutrients values per 100g/ml, Values per portion g/ml
  • Testing frequency, method of analysis
  • Salt level data
  • Allergens:
  • Contains/Handled on same line/Handled on site/Risk of contamination/Declared on lable
  • Unit Data:
  • Reference
  • Pack size
  • Net weight (g)
  • Drained weight
  • Barcode
  • Number per case/layer/pallet
  • Storage:
  • Temperatures
  • Shelf life
  • Sealing methods
  • Packaging:
  • Primary/secondary/teritiary packaging data (height, weight, colour, material, percent recyclable, barcode)
  • Packaging regulations
  • Packaging accreditation
  • Standards:
  • Analytical, Trace Metals and Microbiological Standards
  • Testing laboratory
  • QAS:
  • Quality attributes
  • Assurance standards
  • Photo standards
  • Claims on Pack:
  • Suitable for
  • Free from 
  • Source
  • Warnings
  • Marine Conservation Society
  • GMO 
  • Palm oil

Simple & complex specs

From packaging to palm oil, the Authenticate specification template can cover all bases with the data attributes you need for both simple and complex specs.
Select your product from the catalogue, fill in the required sections of the data deck, and click to publish or download your auto-formatted document.



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Comprehensive compliance

Spec Builder allows members to bring together due diligence of their suppliers and product-level compliance, all within the same platform.

Secure specs

The spec document is timestamped and authorised, using either your own company data or harnessing direct data from your first tier suppliers.

Dynamic data

Harnessing direct data from your suppliers allows you to receive notifications of any changes further down the supply chain, such as additional allergen declarations.

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