Create custom surveys for your suppliers


Knowing who your direct and indirect suppliers are and relying on 3rd party data is not always enough. Using the Authenticate self-assessment solution, you can build your own assessment questionnaires/surveys and submit, monitor and analyse the responses through the Authenticate platform.

Surveys are easily tailored to suit your needs, be it sustainability assessments, requirements to meet Modern Slavery regulations, views on ethical practices, or simply for supplier market research, the Authenticate self-assessment solution gives you complete freedom and flexibility to request whatever information you require of your suppliers, wherever they are in the supply chain. No more endless emails and no more lost data.

Easy to build

Set up your self-assessment survey, decide which of your suppliers you wish to submit it to and monitor their responses in real-time. As it’s all collated in one secure environment, there’s no need to worry about collecting and analysing responses.

Easy to view

The Authenticate Platform tracks and manages the whole process, giving you up-to-date response rates, follow-up reminders and an analytics dashboard to provide all the data in an easily understandable display. The monitoring dashboard provides instant feedback of who has opened the surveys and who has submitted responses, enabling you to follow up quickly or request further information.

Example: New Supplier SAQ -Quality systems risk assessment

Section 2 of 17: Allergens and GM

Flexible and efficient

Allow pre-defined or free-text responses, require documents or photos to be attached, add multiple dependencies for complex questions. Send to one, a few or all of your suppliers, with the option to complete on-site using the new Authenticate app for iPad.

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New data added daily

The Authenticate data team add more than a hundred new supplier profiles to the platform every month.  A full profile includes operating sites, assurance credentials and other public data.

Together with our clients, we are building a deep database of the global food industry which currently includes more than 12,000 food companies across 72 countries.

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