Transparency across the Supply Chain Network

Authenticate is the only technology platform built specifically for the food industry which provides full mapping of goods from point of origin to consumer.

Our platform holds vital compliance data on thousands of food manufacturers, ingredients, suppliers, specialist producers, processors, agents, hauliers and primary producers from across the world. This means that for each of your product lines, Authenticate is able to create links to your immediate suppliers.

Mapping your supplier chain is the start of the journey. From there, the technology works in combination with Authenticate’s unique research methodology to do the rest, creating a full chain of custody for every one of your goods. Once linked, the platform delivers valuable technical insight into each and every one of your suppliers, however far down the chain.

More and more responsible food businesses are working with Authenticate to establish trust with their customers by knowing not only where products have come from but how they got there and from whom they have been sourced, building up a clear picture of the history, journey and impact of their products.

Chain of custody mapping

Your full supply chain is displayed both on a map and in chronological list form, allowing you instant recognition of full chain of custody, country of origin, geographic location risk and potential areas of supply vulnerability.

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Cloud based and collaborative

The Authenticate technology platform is Cloud-based and relies on a collaborative methodology to help create efficiency and cost-saving in all areas of technical compliance.

Authenticate uses data feeds via APIs to draw data from a range of 3rd party sources to provide instant real-time assurance certification and accreditation metrics.

Your data is completely secure and confidential, only shared with your trusted trading partners at your discretion.

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