Insight through Key Performance Indicators

Supply chains sit within the foundations of any modern food business. Many of our clients have long-lasting relationships with their suppliers and producers and an in-depth knowledge of their processes. These crucial relationships are maintained through clear channels of communication, with regular feedback and performance metrics helping to drive efficiency and build trust.

Particularly relevant for vital metrics relating to animal welfare, sustainability and cost of production, the Authenticate KPI solution gives you the flexibility to continually monitor your supply base. Whether it be crop irrigation metrics, journey to slaughter distance, disease outbreak or milk quality metrics, the KPI solution enables food businesses to maintain a continual dialogue on the issues that matter most.

The Authenticate Platform was developed with major UK retailers as both clients and mentors, helping to ensure that KPI scorecards provide the most useful data possible. Establishing benchmarks, setting pass/fail thresholds and giving real-time feedback to your most valued suppliers is made easy with a wealth of granular data that’s ready when you need it.

Measuring performance daily

The Authenticate scorecards allow you to actively monitor continuous improvement, benchmarking your suppliers and producers, giving you valuable insight into your most trusted clients.

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Data security

We treat your data very carefully.

Although ‘company profile’ data is generally information that can be found in the public domain, the real value is in your own data built from your own interactions with your suppliers.

This is totally secure and never shared with anyone, unless you allow access to one of your trusted clients. We are used to handling data from most of the major UK food businesses and retailers and so we know the importance of data security. All data is secured in UK hosted datacentres, fully ISO/IEC 27001.

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