Create, collect and analyse audits in one place

No more spreadsheets

Businesses throughout supply chains in the food industry are increasingly realising that spreadsheet-based systems are cumbersome and no longer fit for purpose when it comes to managing audits that must be robust and defensible, given the sheer volume and growing complexity of food regulations and requirements.

Collaborative and cloud-based

The Authenticate Platform holds much of the background information needed by an auditor to carry out valuable due diligence even before carrying out an on-site visit. The audit solutions feature allows auditors to set up and manage the entire process in a secure environment from start to finish, with the ability to share documents, collaborate with colleagues and suppliers and monitor progress all in one place.

Manage corrective actions

The Authenticate audit dashboard gives you and your client the power to monitor progress via real-time updates. Once audits have been completed, the Authenticate data analytics tool delivers meaningful insight that can be used to manage corrective actions, maximising the value of the auditing process.

NEW Offline app: Complete on-site, upload later

Available on mobile devices, surveys can be completed on site in farms, factories, and processing/packaging plants, ready to upload once back at base.

More efficient audits

Avoid much of the repetition of data collected by your audits by pooling data and building smart audit surveys. Collate data before any site visit to ensure maximum efficiency of your time on-site.

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Authenticate on mobile devices

Site visits are an integral part of the food compliance and risk management process. Completing surveys on site or out on a farm can be a difficult and frustrating process. The Authenticate audit and survey app allows you to download surveys, complete them off line and simply upload them once back in the office.

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