With a suite of flexible modules and support services available, our platform empowers businesses to start gathering and monitoring vital information to manage risk and encourage resilient, sustainable practices within supply chains.

A scalable SaaS solution

We work with organisations of all sizes, ranging from large global brands with far-reaching supplier management and ESG programmes, to businesses with local supply chains seeking assurance visibility. 

With budgets big and small, our adaptable platform can deliver a solution fit for your requirements.

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Supportive, flexible services

However good the technology, we understand the need for supply chain collaboration to achieve full transparency.

Supported by in-house client services and data teams, we have the resource available to gather and validate information if required. 

By outsourcing administrative tasks ranging from supplier onboarding to sending risk assessments during and following platform implementation, your business can focus on other priorities and keep costs down.

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Getting the best from supplier networks needs support and feedback - it's not a one way thing. All platform users and actors within chains have the ability to share data, map assessment progress, amend corrective actions and measure progress against peers.

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