Authenticate and Sedex link up means that your supply chain transparency just got a little clearer!

Sedex and Authenticate IS have announced that they will be collaborating in the food sector to help companies to map their entire supply chain so giving greater visibility about the ethical sourcing of products.

With more than 40,000 members in 150 countries, Sedex is a global, non-profit organisation which hosts a collaborative platform for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains. Its work complements that of Authenticate IS which provides a software solution enabling food businesses to track food suppliers from farm to fork.

Paul Marples, managing director of Authenticate IS, comments: “Over the last 13 years, the Sedex name has become synonymous throughout the world with ethical supply chain management. With the advent of the Modern Slavery Act, corporate social responsibility and ethical sourcing have become more important than ever and Sedex membership gives food companies reassurance that their suppliers are taking these issues very seriously too.”

“Our unique Authenticate IS platform has been specially developed for the food sector, using the latest technology to give food companies greater transparency by delivering tier by tier visibility of their entire supply chain.”

“By joining the Authenticate IS platform, not only will food companies be able to view their direct suppliers’ membership of Sedex, they will have visibility of the membership of their entire supply chain.”

Jonathan Ivelaw-Chapman, CEO of Sedex, adds: “Our link with Authenticate IS, is a crucial step in our drive towards collaboration and improvement in ethical trading, through the provision of greater transparency of both immediate and non-direct suppliers. With the addition of the Sedex audit and Authenticate certification service, members can be confident that they have the complete compliance and assurance solution they need.”

For more information on the Authenticate platform or to discuss your challenges and requirements, get in touch with the team.