A time before advanced technology demanded exhaustive manual assessments and meticulous tracking to monitor supply chains.  

However, with technology advancing, we now have the ability to ditch the countless hours devoted to spreadsheets, emails, document creation, and manual data entry for each component in the supply chain, and rely on computer software and automated systems.  

Authenticate has the software power to transform your business, streamline processes and save money.  

Discover how Authenticate is using technology to transform supply chain management practices.  

Traditional methods of supply chain mapping 

Past supply chain methods required a significant amount of manual assessments and tracking. Endless hours were spent using spreadsheets, writing emails, creating documents and entering data manually for each item in a supply chain.  

Not only was this method of supply chain mapping costly and time consuming, but it resulted in errors and delays in processing, which caused significant challenges in promptly identifying and resolving issues. However, with the rise of the influence of technology and computerised systems, this has changed.  

Supply chain software streamlining the process 

Modern technology has revolutionised supply chain mapping by providing advanced tools that offer real-time insights into the workings of many supply chains, all at once.  

Geographic Information System (GIS) software and cloud-based platforms enable businesses to monitor and optimise their supply chains with precision, providing complete transparency to make informed decisions. 

Automated data collection devices, such as RFID tags and sensors, enhance accuracy and enable the tracking of products throughout supply chains. This not only reduces manual errors but also facilitates quicker decision-making and proactive issue resolution. This technological transition has not only streamlined processes but also reduced manpower, resulting in cost savings for companies. 

Authenticate’s specialised supply chain software  

Here at Authenticate, we take supply chain mapping to a new level with our  specialised tools. allowing businesses to map live supply chains across all tiers. Our specialised tools enhance visibility and facilitate the identification of inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and potential risks. 

Key Features of our supply chain mapping tool: 

  • Real-time visibility: Businesses can monitor their supply chains in real time, gaining insights into every stage of the process and metrics such as supplier performance, allowing for prompt decision-making. 
  • Efficiency optimisation: By addressing issues promptly, businesses can reduce lead times, minimise disruptions, and optimise their supply chain networks, ultimately increasing efficiency. 
  • Transparency: The tool enhances transparency by providing a comprehensive view of the entire supply chain, enabling businesses to identify areas for improvement.  

Authenticate’s specialised technology is a catalyst for the transformation of supply chain management, offering multifaceted benefits to its clients. The real-time visibility and automated alerts provided by Authenticate’s tool facilitate proactive issue resolution, enabling businesses to mitigate disruptions and prevent potential losses effectively. This ensures that your shelves are rarely under/overstocked.  

Through proactive issue resolution, you can save costs, reduce lead times and divert funds to other areas of operations as opposed to manual labour.  

Fostering Collaboration through technological integration 

Imagine a scenario where suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers seamlessly connect through a technologically-driven ecosystem, well, Authenticate can provide this technological process with ease. 

Transparent communication is a key aspect of this collaboration. With the aid of advanced communication platforms and tools, stakeholders can instantly share vital information regarding inventory levels, production schedules, and delivery timelines.  

The collaborative aspect of technology goes beyond mere information exchange, it cultivates a sense of unity and interconnection among stakeholders, as they collectively navigate challenges and adapt to dynamic market conditions. 

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