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Mitigate modern slavery

See the scale of supply chains through the tiers with mapping, conduct digital audits to benchmark risk, request/share policies and monitor progress via dashboards with our suite of solutions.


Diminish deforestation

Whatever your commodity priority, our tools are on hand to see supply chains back to source by product, automate supplier assurance status checks against key schemes, overlay 3rd party data sets and visualise tree loss risk to help protect vital habitats.


Trusted by retail, you're in good company

Capture scope 3 emissions

With only 20% of businesses reporting on scope 3 emissions, by mapping supply chains through the tiers, understand full carbon footprint by product or supplier, collate data via audits and KPIs, and overlay trusted 3rd party sources to show progress against company, industry and government objectives.

Unwrap plastic waste

Capture packaging specifications, understand recyclability, meet evolving regulations and see plastic reduction progress over time with KPIs and dashboards.

Accelerate animal welfare

Map supply chains back to farm, audit suppliers, track performance against KPIs, manage outbreaks and see certification status real-time to drive animal welfare improvements.