As part of our agile methodology process, Authenticate’s in-house development team are continually working to improve the platform’s functionality, speed and performance. 

Please note: Many of the updates detailed below apply to Enterprise modules and are not available to users with a free Basic membership. To find out more about upgrading your account to access these benefits, please click here. 


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Sprint # 2019/06 (release date: 13/06/19)

Product catalogue: You can now filter by site/brand
When a member views their product catalogue, it is now possible to see the products associated with one particular site, brand or subdivision, rather than seeing everything all at once. This means that instead of searching through the full list of all products, the search results can be narrowed down, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Clicking on a product within the catalogue will bring up an overview. This will include a list of all of the sites associated with this product (e.g. farms, packhouses or manufacturing sites). This allows members to easily identify which products pass through which sites.

Direct & indirect supplier certification: You can now multi-select schemes for compliance reports
Previously, it was only possible to select one certification body at a time when viewing your suppliers’ current compliance schemes. Now, members can select multiple different schemes (e.g. Red Tractor, BRC & Soil Association) to run a compliance report. 

Audits & Assessments: You can now get instant feedback when completing assessments via the iPad app
When a self-assessment or 3rd party audit has been completed using the Authenticate app, it’s now possible to see the pass/fail outcome of the responses immediately. Results are displayed as soon as the assessment has been uploaded from the app. Wifi is required, so if the assessment has been completed on-site, you will need to wait until your device is connected to the internet to submit the responses.

Sprint # 2019/06 (release date: 28/05/19)

The ‘My Network’ Map now includes all sites associated with a company
Site locations will not be included in default search results but can be included by selecting the icon in the search panel to the left of the map view. Colour-coded icons are used to differentiate the locations that can be included in the current view:
Blue building = A company’s main business address
– Green leaf = Farm
– Purple pin = Additional sites/facilities

Clicking on a site from the search results will show an overview panel containing quick-reference information about how this particular site fits into your supply chain. Information shown will include: Site address, site operations, trading relationship and confirmed/pending links for products supplied by this business, as well as highlighting any automated certificates or declarations. 

Clicking on a farm from the search results will include a slightly different overview that includes an agri-business category and a unique ‘pin’ to identify the farm business and the sites that are a part of this.

The KPI module now includes notifications to alert failing scores

A weekly email notification has been created to alert members who use the platform’s Key Performance Indicator module to any instances of failing scores when a set threshold has been applied. This serves to highlight instances of suppliers submitting below-standard responses to tracked KPIs immediately so that risks can be monitored.

Sprint # 2019/05 (release date: 08/05/19)

NEW Network Map: You can now see your entire network on a single map view

The recently-updated network area now allows you to view company locations on a map. Users can see selected companies highlighted on the map and click map markers to view the individual company details. 

While this currently only shows company locations, this will be developed to include each of the additional sites associated with a company.

We will also be adding the option to search a fixed location (including a set radius of miles/kilometres) on the network map. This will replace the current location report functionality – look out for this in future release notes. 

When a company is selected on the network, users can now see an overview of the company before clicking through to see the full details. This handy quick-view avoids the need to navigate away from the page to see additional details of a customer or supplier. 

The following additional changes have also been made to the network:

  • – Farm filter updated to include farm and non-farm companies using a checkbox
  • – Search results updated to include more results (previously only 50)
  • – Option to “Clear all” when changing the filters applied to a search
  • – Small styling changes

> To read more about the NEW network map, click here.

You can now search your network for specific product categories

We’ve added a new search tool that allows you to apply filters related to the different categories in your product catalogue. When categories are selected, only customers or suppliers which are linked to products in these selected categories will be shown. 

> To learn more about categories and product data management, click here. 

Audits and Assessments module: Changes to ‘corrective actions’

When a user closes an assessment, the system will no longer close ‘open corrective actions’ automatically. This means the Platform will allow the assessors to add evidence and close actions after the assessment has been passed / failed and close out corrective actions retrospectively. 

> For more information about Audits and Assessments, click here. 

Bug Fixes and Small Changes

– Bug fixed for matching automated certificates where no postcode exists on the site

– Performance improvements made to the automated certificate updating method to reduce the run time

  • – Fixed permissions issue preventing the showing of a companies membership plan for no AIS users
  • – We have removed the mandatory requirement to add a ‘reference’ when signing up to the Platform as a Free Basic member 
Sprint # 2019/04 (Release date: 16/04/19)

Changes to online audits and assessments…

Online assessments now offer an “Excellent” grade option: Users can now set an ‘Excellent’ outcome when creating assessment templates. Results can then be seen when reviewing (or exporting) an assessment. Please note: users of the iPad app for offline assessments will be required to re-install the new version to download templates with these changes.

Assessment Grades now offer decimal values:  You can now add decimal values to outcomes when saving grades for more accurate assessments
Assessment Score Cards now show actual scores as well as ratings: When a user exports an assessment scorecard, they can now see the actual score along with the percentage score, e.g. “10/20” or “50% Compliance”
Changes to the Authenticate company directory…
The company directory now highlights which businesses are “customers”: When you view an individual company profile from the company directory, there is a new “customer” tag in the relationship section.
Customer profiles now show a list of the products you supply: When a user views their customer’s profile, they can now also view a list of the products they supply to that business.
Other fixes and improvements
  • – The supplier mapping export was updated to show ‘direct suppliers’ as ‘tier 1’
  • – Locations are no longer automatically set when creating a company / site
  • – A small error was fixed on the “create user” page which prevented user roles from being automatically set
 Sprint # 2019/03 
NEW feature: Introducing the ‘My Network’ page
A new screen has been added to the system which brings together all of the trading partners who are linked to your business on the Authenticate platform. This replaces the previous displays showing ‘customers’, ‘direct/indirect suppliers’ and ‘farms’ separately. Users can scroll to load companies in their network, filter relationship types, click to see full company profiles and view suppliers by tier (subject to membership).
Coming soon: A new export function will be available, with future developments adding more detail to individual company pages listed on the page.
Multiple Answer issue with iPad app resolved
A fix has been put in place to prevent duplicate answers been uploaded from the assessment app for iPad. This issue was found to occur when a user started to upload new answers and cancelled the upload before it had completed, which resulted in scores over 100% based on duplicate responses submitted.
Preparation for large data exports
Research and preparatory work has been undertaken to enable large exports of data from the system for the purposes of creating reports on the ‘My Network’ page which is due to be released soon.
Fixes and Improvements
A temporary authentication issue with some Sedex membership data was fixed and is now fully operational
  • The ‘download in progress’ indicator was updated to show when an export was in progress/complete
Sprint #: 2019/02
The latest release of the Platform is now live with the following fixes and features
Company Profiles now contain more data:
  • ‘Number of Sites’, ‘Employees’, ‘Est Turnover’, ‘Turnover Currency’ & ‘Ownership’ fields now allow drop-down selection
You can now ‘multi-share’ online assessments
  • Users can quickly and easily share their supplier assessments with ‘multiple’ other companies and 3rd parties.
Global Gap certification now available
  • Global Gap certificates can now be linked to a company’s profile. Membership data is refreshed every 24 hours for improved accuracy.
Other Fixes and Improvements
  • The Company Directory map has been updated to show pins for all found results when more than 1000 companies were returned
  • Styling has been updated for mobile views of the ‘take a tour’ reminder for users who have not yet viewed the new feature
  • The’corrective actions’ section of an online supplier assessment has been improved for speed & performance
Sprint #: 2019/01
In January 2019 we completed several fixes and new features:
Take a tour of the new company directory
A click-through ‘tour’ has been added to the company directory to showcase the new feature and take members through a simple 3/4 step process. This will automatically be shown to all users on their first view of the main dashboard. If you complete the tour it will not be shown again. Selecting ‘not now’ on the dashboard pop up will prevent the tour from being shown again, but this can be found by navigating to the menu.
You can now search for groups of countries within the Company Directory
The country filter on the directory now shows countries in ‘area’ opt groups, ie. United Kingdom, North Europe…
You can now view relationships with suppliers/customers on the Company Directory
The ‘relationship’ details have now been populated on the company directory when viewing an individual company’s details. Look up a company by name or search by relationship type to see a full company profile.
You can send Online Assessments to specific categories of suppliers
When raising new managed or self-assessment, a list of sites is shown to select from. Users can now see the categories each supplier is linked to and filter direct suppliers by one or more categories to speed up the process of sending assessments to a specific type of supplier, ie. Lamb suppliers
Completing online assessments
  • An issue was reported related to an assessment template which had been changed after it was live. If a question had been removed, the app was preventing assessments using the edited template from been downloaded, causing it to crash. A fix was made for this on the assessment app.
  • The corrective actions overview page was timing out for some users. The speed and performance of this page has been improved to successfully eradicate this error.
Download all of your product data
Users can download all data for their own products by clicking ‘Export’. The following data areas have now been added to the internal product data report:
  • Supplier Mapping Data (direct suppliers), Packaging + Packaging Accreditation, QAS, Claims on Pack, Palm Oil, Marine Conservation Society data
Editing company/site locations
  • When new companies were created in the system and a matching sites was added (to ensure the company had at least one site) the locations for both of these profiles would use the same address. If a user changed the address of the company/site, both instances were changed, preventing individual editing. This has been resolved and individual editing is now possible.
Exporting supplier/farm data
  • The indirect supplier export created an error when the export contained more than 2100 suppliers / farms due to an issue handling this many results. A fix has been put in place to resolve this.

Why does Authenticate have regular updates?

• Improved quality

• Greater transparency 

• Focus on user requirements

Introduction to Agile….

The Authenticate development team utilise an Agile methodology called Scrum. This is an iterative approach to software development which consists of a series of mini projects called sprints. 

Sprints deliver real value for our members, taking into account detailed user requirements that are based on real-world scenarios.

Agile development is more flexible than the more traditional “waterfall” approach to building software. Each sprint builds on the last, implementing more functionality, improvements and fixes so our members can get the most out of Authenticate.

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