Trusted by leading brands seeking supply chain visualisation, our technology has already put over 35,000 companies from 130 countries on the map.

Map supply chains back to source

With risk often hidden in opaque supply chains, it's so important to get sight of both direct and indirect suppliers in one central place to protect people, the planet and brand reputation.

Formed in 2013 and used by organisations large and small, we have the technology and expertise to build the visibility your business needs.

Organise supply chains by custom categories

Whether your business needs to prioritise certain commodities first - from soy, to cotton, to palm oil to protein, our flexible product catalogue allows you to structure the supply chains that matter most to your business.

Oddbox introduce Authenticate

"By having full sight of our supply chains, we will be well positioned to monitor risk and continually improve impact as our business grows.”

See suppliers by location, status and much more

Want to see how many suppliers in your chain are in a particular country or region?

Using Authenticate, your business can use simple filters and searches to drill down by geography, status, activity and category when critical events arise.

View mapping progress

As soon as you get started with Authenticate, it's easy to keep track of progress by tier, product category and status to ensure your business is on course for true supply chain transparency.

Find out how the Big Table Group uncovered over 900 indirect suppliers with supply chain mapping...