Save valuable hours and optimise vital processes including supplier onboarding and NPD with workflows.

Create custom workflows

Develop personalised workflows for the purpose of automating procedures related to supplier on-boarding, annual due diligence, and much more.

Assign stage gate owners

Delegate the responsibility to one or more stage gate owners, granting them the authority to provide approvals at various stages of the workflow process. These designated individuals will have the ability to review and authorise progression from one phase to the next, ensuring the seamless advancement of the workflow.

Cross functional sign-off

By accommodating cross-functional sign-off processes, the system ensures that all relevant stakeholders have the opportunity to review and provide their approval or input, thereby enhancing collaboration and ensuring comprehensive evaluations before proceeding to the next stage.

Monitor progress

Keep track of advancements using dashboard displays, allowing for immediate and up-to-date visualisation of ongoing processes and their status. This feature provides a dynamic and easily accessible way to stay informed about the current state of various tasks and workflows.