Create KPI reporting frameworks and thresholds to easily capture, manage and interrogate large volumes of supplier data.

Measure qualitative & quantitative supplier performance metrics

Track all the supplier performance metrics you need, no matter how the data is measured, in one simple and secure platform.

Create custom supplier KPIs at your fingertips

Our platform enables businesses to set up custom supplier metrics to collate and monitor vital data sets, helping you to make informed sourcing decisions or suggest performance improvements.

With fully customisable metrics to evaluate your suppliers, create the KPIs you want with our user-friendly software.

Benefits of using a supplier performance management tool

Manage supplier performance data from multiple sources

With our multi-system integrations, you can automatically import supplier data from other sources and supplier applications to monitor and manage alongside your custom performance metrics.

With a comprehensive set of supplier performance metrics, you’ll have the actionable data and insight to drive decision making and improve supplier performance.

Automate supplier performance management

We’ll help you reduce the administrative time spent on supplier performance management and scoring by automatically generating performance reports in line with company KPIs and SLAs.