Collaboratively raise, monitor and resolve critical incidents across supply chains to prevent future issues with Authenticate’s secure supplier, centralised incident management tool.

Collaborative incident management solutions

Collaborate with suppliers in real-time to monitor and resolve incidents through live incident logging and secure communications.

Prevent future incidents in the supply chain

Access incident level detail, by site, severity or incident type to understand root cause analysis and suggest corrective and preventative actions in a centralised system.

Oddbox strengthens non-conformance procedure with Authenticate

“Using Authenticate to manage over 500 growers and non-conformance issues has optimised our technical processes, and enabled better visibility and communication with the Oddbox supply base, whilst easily maintaining standards internally and externally.” Sylwia Wiktor, Due Diligence and Compliance Coordinator at Oddbox

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Improve incident management processes

Use real-time and historical incident management and non-conformance lists to gain more insight into your supply chains to deliver higher efficiency, transparency, and take risk management processes to the next level.

Manage critical incidents easily

Optimise workflows, communication, and escalations with our secure incident management tool to make critical incidents easier to manage and ultimately resolve.