Consumers, governments and investors are becoming increasingly concerned about the provenance of food, along with the environmental and social footprint of supply chains. Businesses are therefore seeking ways to obtain further visibility of their suppliers ambitions and progress relating to ESG matters.

What is the ESG assessment?

Developed in partnership with global sustainability consultancy Anthesis, the standardised assessment covers all aspects of ESG, using the answers provided to compile an individual, actionable scorecard and levels of maturity linking to strategy, execution and results.

Why complete the ESG assessment?

With growing investor and consumer demands for sustainable, ethically-sourced products, along with evolving regulations addressing climate change, businesses can no longer shy away from the ESG performance of its operations.

By completing the assessment, your organisation can see where it is leading the charge or falling behind against industry peers.

Benefits of the ESG assessment

How is the ESG assessment scored?

Using a unique algorithm, the assessment provides a score and maturity level for each area, along with a total score. This provides each company with a clear picture on where to focus efforts to make the biggest, positive impact.

CH&CO first to send ESG assessment

“We’re excited to be the first organisation sharing the ESG assessment with our high spend suppliers. We’ll be using the scores and insights to help drive environmental, social and governance improvements throughout our supply chains.”

Samantha Davis, Head of Operational Procurement

How do I access the ESG assessment?

Companies within the Authenticate network can request access the ESG assessment simply by logging into the platform or speaking to a member of the team. 

Authenticate customers also have the ability to securely request suppliers in the chain to complete the assessment, providing a full overview.

Login to the platform

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