Tracking over 600 automated and manual schemes, our technology is helping leading brands to see status by supplier and certification. 

Centralise certifications for a complete overview

By joining Authenticate and mapping supply chain networks, the certification tool provides a full picture of supplier status and corresponding details against leading schemes.

Recognised certification schemes on the platform include...

Prioritise action by certification status, category or scheme

Our user-friendly technology allows users to apply multiple filters including status, business category and scheme to drill down into and act on the detail that matters. All at the touch of a button.

Delivering certification visibility for the Co-op

"In support of our pledge to source all seafood responsibly, has helped to provide visibility of key certifications including Global GAP and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) through the tiers."

Want to centralise supplier certifications?


Request certification schemes

Can't see a scheme of interest to your organisation on Authenticate? Don't worry.

We often work with customers to prioritise new scheme additions, based on business needs. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.