Trusted by leading brands, our digital auditing tool has already enabled businesses to send 35,000 assessments and collate answers to over 1.5million questions this year alone.

Create bespoke audit templates

Our user-friendly technology enables organisations to build bespoke audits, suited to business priorities.

Whether you want to understand deforestation risk, modern slavery prevalance, animal welfare practices or anything else, you can quickly create the categories, sections and questions needed.

Define scoring mechanism

Want to score responses based on compliance, risk or non-conformance? The choice is yours.

Our digital auditing tool is completely flexible, allowing you to score sites and suppliers in line with your requirements.

80% agreed remote procedures provide same confidence as onsite audits

A survey of 4,000 people revealed remote auditing is the next normal preference. Read all about it in our latest news article.

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Send assessments remotely

No matter where in the world your suppliers are, you can send audits and assessments at the touch of the button.

From a discreet supplier group to your entire supply chain, select the organisations, include a deadline and validity date and let the platform do the rest!

Our handy progress functionality even helps to visualise assessment completion status too.

Review results in one place

Providing complete flexibility, our remote auditing tool allows you to drill down into responses and results by supplier, or compare all completed assessments by outcome to guide corrective actions, mitigate risk and drive continuous improvements.