Supply chain challenges? Collaboration is key.

Food Manufacture survey suggests collaboration is the key to reducing supply chain challenges

The complexities of global procurement and supply have made it increasingly difficult to achieve complete transparency of the supply chain and the traditional approach of ‘one-up one-down’ mapping and reliance on the first tier supplier for accurate supply chain information is no longer enough.
The need for collaboration is greater than ever before.

In the wake of food scandals such as ‘horsegate’, the establishment of the FSA’s Food Crime Unit and the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act, the requirement for deep insight into all ingredients and suppliers involved in a supply chain is now a prerequisite rather than a ‘nice to have’ advantage.

At Authenticate IS, we strongly believe that greater collaboration and transparency within the supply chain is the key to eliminating issues such as food crime and food safety, and according to the recent Supply Chain and Logistics survey from Food Manufacture, we’re not alone.

Food Manufacture survey, which collected hundreds of responses from a range of professionals in the food and drink industry, found that 76% of survey respondents believed their companies were working to increase collaboration with their customers and suppliers.

When asked which food industry challenges would be a focus of investment over the next 12 months, 24% of respondents cited supply chain transparency.

It is exciting to see investment within the food industry which focuses on supply chain transparency. Using a platform like Authenticate IS makes it easier than every to collaborate with your suppliers. It offers transparency of the supply chain that has, until now, been unheard of in the industry.

The Authenticate IS platform is a collaborative network, giving members the ability to see total transparency up and down the supply chain. It is used by some of the world’s leading retailers, foodservice companies and food manufacturers, shippers. By mapping the entire journey of a product collaboratively, Authenticate IS members are able to effectively manage and reduce risk in supply, worldwide.

Is your business one of the 24% planning on investing in supply chain transparency over the next 12 months?

Become a member of our supply chain mapping platform, and you too can have your important supply chain information in one easy to use system.

By investing in our unique online platform, your business can demonstrate total due diligence and deep supply chain transparency making you a more desirable choice to potential customers. With membership starting at approx £32 per week, it’s a small price to pay for mitigating your supply chain risks.

Posted by: Authenticate 03/10/2017