Release notes (9.12) 22 November 2018


New features

Directory – The searchable company directory has been redesigned to improve navigation, speed and performance and will be relaunched with several new features added in January 2019.  Read more here



Automated Certification: Scope Checking – An update has been made to the overnight automated certificate task. Previously this looked for matches on ID and scope however this was very limiting if the scope changed, ie. on renewal for a new year and the certification was then not updated and had to be removed and reapplied. This will now automatically update details if a single match is found by Id (not comparing scope), or if multiple matches are made for the same Id and the scopes match

KPI Group Results: Performance – The performance when viewing results at a KPI group level have been improved to refine the data calls made and make the views more robust. There is still a further change to make when traversing KPI scores which is planned for 9.13 and should then hopefully bring these improvements together.



QS Certification Search – An issue has been fixed with the QS automated scheme search where changes to their search page caused our searches to fail and prevented any results been returned. This was because they had removed the id associated with certificates for some areas and our code requires an id to match – This fix will prevent further issues

Specifications – When exporting a specification to PDF a user could get a blank page at the end of the file if the padding on the last block of data overflowed. This has resolved.

Suppliers – When users navigate back to the supplier mapping progress page using the browser back buttons, filters are now reset on page reload to match the data shown

Assessments – The score card report for an individual site assessment was showing section information in the wrong order if the sections had been re-ordered when creating the template. This has been updated to use the display order

Products – ‘Products received’ label changed to ‘accepted requests’ on directly supplied products page to correctly describe the count shown

Posted by: Authenticate 20/11/2018