Release 10.5

Release Date: 23rd Jan 2020

Release 10.5 is a minor release with a small number of feature enhancements and defect fixes.

New Farm Data Fields


Farm companies can now declare the following additional data sets against their profile:

  • Transport/Haulier
  • Feed mill

These details can only be viewed against farm sites and will only be shown when data has been populated. This will help you ensure farms are using recognized and appropriately certified hauliers and feed mills.

Non-member Task Reminder

A new scheduled email has been created to remind non-member contacts of tasks requested by their customers. This will help improve mapping progress and coupled with the changes to first time login made in the last release increase the speed at which you can build your supply chain.
  • Emails are sent once a month to each contact of companies with open tasks, where the company is not yet a member of Authenticate.
  • By clicking respond, the user is to the sign-up page to register, after which they can progress to complete their tasks taken.
Posted by: Authenticate 21/01/2020