New assessments app makes iPad audits easy

iPad app log in screen

If you are a subscriber to the platform’s Audits and Assessments module, your suppliers can now submit their responses to your custom-built questionnaires using our new iPad app.


Created to enable auditors, farmers and other 3rd parties to record results whilst on-site, the app allows you to collect accurate results for instant analysis.

Capturing the data you need from your suppliers…

Assessments can be tailor-made to capture the exact data you require, with the ability to create multiple versions containing unlimited questions, covering areas such as:

  • – Animal welfare metrics
  • – Product quality standards
  • – Allergen management procedures

Need proof? Photographs or documents can also be attached to provide additional supporting evidence if needed.

No connection? No problem. When completing assessments on a site with limited or no internet connection, templates can be downloaded onto the device and completed offline, ready to upload next time you’re connected to the internet.

 How do I get the app?


The app is available to Authenticate members who have access to the Audits and Assessments module, and can be used by any of their linked suppliers.



Key benefits of the Audits and Assessments module…


Flexible and unlimited  – Build as many questionnaires as you need, with unlimited questions and versions 

Real-time data – Identify problems with zero delay by analysing responses as soon as they’re entered

Save auditing costs Reduce blanket auditing procedures and audit by exception only

Posted by: Ruth Moore 17/06/2018