Map out your suppliers on ‘My Network’ page…

The newly created ‘My Network’ area now gives you the option to display the locations of all customers and suppliers on a single map…

A powerful online tool for supplier management…

As part of ongoing improvements to the platform’s Supplier Approval module, the network screen has been updated to include a clickable map for a visual overview of your entire trading network. 

This means that members can now:

  • Zoom out to see a global overview of their trading network

  • Apply filters to narrow down the search e.g. company type

  • Zoom in to search a localised area

  • Identify trading relationships with colour coded pins

  • Click to see an overview of a particular business, or expand to view the full company profile


Read more about the ‘My Network’ area, click here.

Posted by: Authenticate 01/05/2019