NEW Product page

We’re making improvements to the way your product data is organised and displayed on the platform. Here’s what’s in store…


New product catalogue

Find what you’re looking for…

Take a tour around your full product catalogue and find what you’re looking for with an improved  catalogue search display that’s quick and easy-to-navigate .

The new ‘quick view‘ feature gives you the option to see a brief overview of your product’s direct suppliers and country of origin before selecting to view the full details.

Avocados: Fruit or veg?

Whatever works best for you… Organise your products however you like with fully customisable categories and subcategories. 

(They’re actually technically a berry)


New tabs

  • Supply chain tab

The first tab will display the familiar list of direct and indirect suppliers that are involved in your supply chain. To the right of this, you will see the map display showing supplier locations and the country of origin for your products or ingredients.

It’s easy to see where there are pending link requests further down the supply chain with a small timer icon next to the company name. 

We’ve also added 3 new icons to help you identify Authenticate members, direct suppliers and indirect suppliers, so you know exactly who is who…

Pending link
Indirect supplier
Direct supplier
Company I supply to
  • Product data tab

Click on the ‘product data’ tab (which sits directly beneath your product name heading at the top of the page), and you’ll be taken to a totally new display which shows in-depth product information, including nutritional, unit and allergen data along with NEW areas including packagingingredients and standards.

What’s more, members who sign up to the new Spec Builder function will be able to create a full product specification using all of the data within the page at the click of a button, with no need to fill in any additional forms.

Your data, taken care of

Don’t worry – there’s nothing you need to do. All Authenticate members can sit back and look forward to seeing comprehensive data about their products in a whole new way!

Not yet a member? Contact us to talk about transparency.

Posted by: Authenticate 08/05/2018