Manage your product data more efficiently

With Authenticate’s online product catalogue

Avocados: Fruit or veg?

Whatever works best for you… Organise your products however you like with fully customisable categories and subcategories. 

(Answer: They’re technically a berry)

Find what you’re looking for…

Take a tour around your full product catalogue and find what you’re looking for with an improved  catalogue search display that’s quick and easy-to-navigate .

  • 3 new icons can help you identify Authenticate members, direct suppliers and indirect suppliers, so you know exactly who’s who in your supply chain…
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Indirect supplier
Direct supplier
Company I supply to
  • Product data tab

The new display shows in-depth product information related to packagingingredients and standards.

What’s more, members who sign up to the new Spec Builder function will be able to create a full product specification using all of the data within the page at the click of a button.

Posted by: Ruth Moore 08/05/2018