NEW Global Directory

A fully-researched database of over 20,000 food businesses across the globe..

The Authenticate directory combines fully managed data with powerful new technology to deliver a total compliance solution for food businesses of all sizes.

Detailed company profiles, built and maintained by an in-house research team, are connected to live data feeds from recognised accreditation bodies including Sedex, BRC, Red Tractor and Global Gap, enabling member companies to instantly view location and compliance details of their entire trading network.

Bigger scope, better data, faster tech…

The ever-growing directory has been redesigned to improve navigation, speed and performance with several new features being added in January 2019.

Search the global food network…

Results are displayed on a map with a clickable overview covering site locations, accreditation data and linked products.

  • Look up a company by searching for a specific name
  • Filter 20,000 businesses to display results that match your criteria 
  • Search locations by choosing from a list of countries 
  • Zoom in to view specific sites
  • Select a trading relationship (e.g. direct/indirect supplier) and view linked products 
  • Survey the compliance landscape by searching for members with specific accreditation

Technology is only as good as the data that powers it...

The risks of poor-quality data…

Poor decision making

Missed opportunities

Reputational damage

The benefits of good data…

Increased productivity

Defensible compliance

Powerful marketing

The Authenticate directory offers genuinely useful data that is carefully managed to empower your workforce and reduce risk to your business.

COMING SOON: With lots of new features planned for 2019, look out for additional data fields and search functionality coming to the Authenticate directory over the coming months. Contact us to arrange an online demo and find out more. 

Posted by: Ruth Moore 20/11/2018