Member spotlight: Society of Independent Brewers

SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers, have become the first brewing organisation to join the Authenticate transparency platform, bringing quality, provenance and authenticity to the forefront of their Beerflex member scheme.


“The voice of British brewing”

Founded in 1980, SIBA represents more than 850 British breweries and approximately 300 Supplier Associate members as ‘the voice of British brewing’.

SIBA’s Beerflex scheme operates without profit to ensure that over 2300 pubs and stores around the country receive the best possible choice of fresh ales at the lowest possible prices, delivered in the most environmentally-friendly way.



Online Audit Project

SIBA’s collaboration with Authenticate will see profiles of 500 participating Beerflex breweries built within the online software and data platform which currently houses a directory of over 12,000 food and beverage companies worldwide.

The software is used by top UK supermarkets and hospitality companies to improve supply chain transparency, manage technical compliance and gather business intelligence.

Once company profiles have been built, SIBA’s internal Food Safety and Quality (FSQ) will be recreated within the platform’s online assessment module.


Safety and Quality

SIBA’s FSQ audit was launched in 2016 to provide retailers with an independently assessed quality management mark to help identify high-quality brewers in a crowded and competitive market place. Independent auditors visit breweries every 2 years, with an interim SAQ completed every other year.

All Beerflex members are required to enroll in the FSQ scheme of improvement, which may result in corrective actions being issued and official paperwork being requested, such as HACCP documentation, ABV analysis, Brewers’ Grains administration, Excise Duty payments, allergens, traceability records and pest control information.


UK ‘Best Beer in the World’

Nick Stafford, SIBA Operations Director, said: “Now that our trade association has established a formal compliance process and a scheme of improvement in food safety and quality, we need to stay ahead of the game and, especially, communicate the high quality of achievement by Britain’s independent craft breweries to myriad customers. Authenticate IS will help us administer and communicate in a highly professional manner. Not only do we have the best beer in the world from the most brewery-populated country, but we are going to prove it!”


The Future of Sustainable Brewing

Although no supply chain mapping is required at this stage, talks are underway to explore the potential benefits of tracing the origins of ingredients such as malt, hops and yeast, as well as the potential for tracking additional sustainability indicators.
Authenticate IS Senior Commercial Manager Dan McGlynn, who recently spoke on the topic of provenance and authenticity at the SIBA BeerX 2018 conference in Liverpool, commented: “This is a really exciting and unique project for Authenticate, which has got off to a great start thanks to some really positive engagement from the SIBA team, who are extremely passionate about building a truly sustainable British brewing industry”.
Posted by: Ruth Moore 19/03/2018