Member spotlight: The English Provender Company


“Makers of naturally scrumptious chutneys, curds, condiments & salad dressings since 1979. Quite simply, thoroughly good stuff.”

With over 2000 products mapped to more than 180 suppliers, EPC are creating transparency within their food and packaging supply chains, reporting on the technical compliance and certification of their suppliers.

Technical Director Carl Steckerl describes how Authenticate is changing the way EPC goes about audits and accreditation: 


Back up product claims in seconds

“Authenticate makes it easy to identify at-risk ingredients and back up claims. The safety and integrity of your product speaks for itself with the detailed mapping feature, and building your supply chains in collaboration with your suppliers allows you to support integrity claims from further down in the supply chain.

The platform massively speeds up the process of retrieving records. With only 4 hours available to provide the information required for an unannounced audit, you can save a huge amount of time by accessing data from your supply chain in seconds, not hours.”

Sedex and BRC at the click of a button

“By adding finished recipes, you have all the data you need in one place. Supplier approval and specifications and supply chain can all be shown at the click of a button.

The live compliance information presents a benefit that can’t be overestimated. Sedex and BRC statuses are accessible via an automated system, so we know everything is being kept up to date. With API links, we can be sure our raw material and packaging base data is accurate, and dashboard-style reporting means we can review everything by exception to ensure the data is 100% accurate.” 

Audit-ready confidence

The platform is comprehensive and easy to use. It eliminates the manual processes of organising and accessing information, meaning that staff can make better use of their time by adding value elsewhere, and you can feel confident when your next audit comes around.”

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Posted by: Authenticate 16/03/2018