Member case study: Jamie Oliver Group

A robust compliance programme, powered by technology

The Jamie Oliver Group operates many restaurants across the UK as well as a global franchise, and also produces several ranges of packaged food products. This dynamic company has chosen Authenticate’s software and data solutions to manage its growing network of global supply chains. This involves:

  • Managing supplier approval with automated compliance checks through live data feeds

  • Maintaining real-time product data records across food and non-food products

  • Mapping product journeys for ingredients supplied into restaurants and other branded goods with geo-mapped chains of custody

With the help of Authenticate’s specialist platform, the Jamie Oliver Group is able to maintain accurate records of goods supplied and ingredients sourced across all aspects of the business, from restaurants to retail. 

The Group has implemented plans to establish a defensible compliance programme that protects consumers as well as supporting the brand’s reputation for quality and integrity.

Jamie Oliver deli by Shell

The platform’s data management tools (including the newly built Specification Builder module) will support the launch of several products into the ‘Food To Go’ market, including a new range being introduced to more than 500 Shell service stations from 31st January 2019. 

As well as food products, the brand will also be incorporating non-food products such as branded Jamie Oliver cookware and kitchen accessories for a fully-comprehensive approach to transparency.

A demonstration of good food production on a commercial scale

Susi Richards, Director of Branded Partnerships at Jamie Oliver, says:

“Welfare, ingredient sourcing and provenance is incredibly important to Jamie, and to all our teams. We’re working hard to demonstrate what good food production looks like on a commercial scale. The first step relies on having a robust system to track where all of our ingredients come from, and it’s great to be working with Authenticate to help achieve our goals.”

Posted by: Authenticate 29/01/2019