Mapping your products

You have now accepted the link requests from your customers. The next step is to map your own tier 1 suppliers and build the next link down the supply chain…

Click ‘map my product’. (Note: you can either map a whole product or just the raw materials, e.g if you are a manufacturer).

Type the name of your chosen supplier in the first box. This supplier may already be saved in the Authenticate database, so if their name appears, simply click to select it.  If your suppliers cannot be found, you can create them yourself – Just click ‘Create a new company’ at the bottom of the page and this below pop-up box will appear…..)

To create a new company, type in the details of the supplier, click ‘Save’ and then search for the supplier again in the search tab.

Next, type in the name and reference code for the product they supply to you. (Note: if there are multiple components, just click ‘Add another supplied product/part-product’ and continue until all components have been entered.)

Once the supplier, product name and product reference have all been entered, click ‘save & map my product’

That’s it! All done.

If you want to view the product line you have created, click ‘view full details’

Posted by: Ruth Moore 18/04/2015