Know your suppliers: Modern slavery in tomato supply chains

With a number of headlines exposing shocking cases of Modern Slavery within the farming industry,  how can modern food businesses with increasingly complex global supply chains ensure that they are trading with ethically sound suppliers?

Recent media coverage shed light on the case of Sudanese farm workers labouring under “conditions of absolute exploitation” on Italian tomato farms, with abuses listed in the court documents including 12 hour working days, seven days a week, without breaks, with minimal pay and no access to medical staff (The Guardian).

Find out how mapping supply chains and gathering data from their primary supplier of Italian tomato-based products has brought increased confidence to leading importer and distributor Caterer’s Choice:

“The Authenticate platform has enabled us to capture and have full visibility of our supply chain. We work with a leading importer of tomato-based products in Italy and they have uploaded all of their specifications and data, which provides a great sense-check for the other suppliers to match, but equally for our customers, they have at a glance vision of every aspect of compliance from that supply chain.

We’re at an early stage of populating our platform, but already we’re seeing the benefits and effects of doing that. One particular leading Italian supplier of tomato-based products has mapped all their products and included all their items on there, and we can see through that that the customer has their information ready and accessible, at a glance. In that way it’s been extremely beneficial and has laid down the benchmark for other suppliers to follow.”

Mark McCombe

Head of Technical and Compliance, Caterer’s Choice

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Posted by: Authenticate 22/01/2018