New: Spec Builder

What is Spec Builder?

In short, it’s a new button that Authenticate members can click.

The technology behind it collates existing product data on the platform and feeds it into a fully comprehensive, beautifully presented product specification document that can be viewed in real-time by your customers.

Example front page

Bring together supplier compliance and product-level data to build a complete digital compliance management system.


Key benefits:

  • Dynamic data – Move away from static specs by using live data from suppliers
  • Safer than spreadsheets – Authorisation is time-stamped with recorded version history
  • A smarter fit  – A flexible, auto-formatted template for simple and complex products


Section guide

From packaging to palm oil, the Authenticate spec template can cover all bases…

Product details:

  • Description, country of origin, brand, legal name, class, target market
  • Company name/address
  • Production sites
  • Contact details


  • Recipe ingredients
  • Processing aids
  • Additives
  • Cooking instructions

Nutritional Information:

  • All individual nutrients values per 100g/ml, Values per portion g/ml
  • Testing frequency, method of analysis
  • Salt level data


  • Contains/Handled on same line/Handled on site/Risk of contamination/Declared on lable


Palm oil

Unit Data:

  • Reference
  • Pack size
  • Net weight (g)
  • Drained weight
  • Barcode
  • Number per case/layer/pallet


  • Temperatures
  • Shelf life
  • Sealing methods


  • Primary/secondary/teritiary packaging data (height, weight, colour, material, percent recyclable, barcode)
  • Packaging regulations
  • Packaging accreditations


  • Analytical, Trace Metals and Microbiological Standards
  • Testing laboratory

Quality Attribute Standards:

  • Quality attributes
  • Assurance standards
  • Photo standards

Claims on Pack:

  • Suitable for
  • Free from 
  • Source
  • Warnings
  • Marine Conservation Society

Sharing made simple

If your customers are Authenticate members, they will be able to access live specs instantly. If they’re not, you can always download a PDF.

Posted by: Authenticate 11/05/2018