Accepting links from your customers

In the top right corner of the homepage there is an envelope icon – Please click on the envelope to find product link requests from your customers.

This will show a list of product requests from your customers. (note: you may have more than one customer).

If you recognise the product as one that you supply, please click ‘Accept’.

You will then be asked if this product already exists in your Authenticate platform. As this is the first time you have logged into the platform, you will need to click ‘No- create and link new product’.

(In future, if you receive a request for a product you have already created, just click ‘yes’ and then select it from the list.)

Next, confirm which of your sites are supplying the product. If you only have one site, this will have automatically completed – just click ‘create product’.

(If you have multiple sites involved in the supply of this product, please select the relevant one(s) first.)

That’s it! You’re now ready for ‘Section 3 – Mapping your products’

Posted by: Ruth Moore 18/04/2015