Feature update: Supply chain mapping tool offers full country of origin traceability

Verifying the county of origin is a vital element of most food business authenticity claims.  Its importance was underlined this week by Minette Batters, the new president of the National Farmers’ Union, during her maiden speech on 26 February 2018 (details via NFUonline.com).

Referring to the food service sector, Ms Batters said there is a “black abyss”, whereby “menu writers peddle myths about local provenance to make food sound more attractive and the public swallow it all too easily”.

Mapping products back to origin is an integral part of the Authenticate mapping functionality. For every product, origin is automatically mapped according to the true origin of any product.

The instance Ms Batters, a Wiltshire beef farmer herself, refers to whereby “local pork” offered to her in a pub in fact came from a local branch of a national wholesaler which procures all its pork from Denmark, could not happen.


Country of origin flagged

One of Authenticate’s latest features now shows a ‘Country of Origin’ tab which automatically shows the source country of origin of every product’s various components.

Using flag icons, the country of origin information sits underneath the full supply chain map in an easy-to-view table. This means that the full chain of custody can be viewed at the click of a button, even for products that are made up of multiple components sourced from several locations.

Authenticate is bringing more transparency to the most complex products and helping the promotion of fully traceable food –  a public right for all consumers, as Ms Batters would surely argue.

Farm to fork transparency

More and more responsible food businesses are working with Authenticate to establish trust with their customers by knowing not only where products have come from but how they got there and from whom they have been sourced, building up a clear picture of the history, journey and impact of their products.

Learn how Winterbotham Darby, the leading supplier and manufacturer of contintental charcuterie to UK supermarkets, are using the platform to map their supply chains from farm to fork has helped them to build consumer trust:

Posted by: Authenticate 27/02/2018