Get more from supplier audits & assessments

A new scorecard feature added to the Audits and Assessments module provides instant feedback for responses as soon as they are submitted

For Enterprise users: When collecting data from your suppliers, it’s now easier than ever to analyse responses in accordance with your wider company objectives. 

Set thresholds to categorise final scores in a more meaningful way, and get a clear indication of performance, critical risk and areas for improvement.

Example assessment scorecard

For suppliers and 3rd party auditors: Submit responses online (or via the new iPad app) and view instant results for immediate feedback with section-by-section analysis.

When completing on-site assessments, the new scorecard highlights areas that fall below standard to immediately address concerns and apply corrective actions that will drive instant improvement.

Results are displayed in simple graphs that are easy to intepret, along with a scoring matrix for reference…

Example section breakdown with associated risk score and grading

Freshly picked supply chain data

The Audits and Assessments module allows you to raise the bar for supply chain standards and meet your responsible sourcing goals. 

Monitor everything from pesticide usage and animal welfare practices to employment policies and allergen management, without any of the usual delays associated with traditional methods of data collection. 

The new scorecard is available from November 2018
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Posted by: Authenticate 18/10/2018