Enterprise Solutions

Supplier Approval

Location & compliance data for direct suppliers (Tier 1)
  • Get full visibility of your 1st tier suppliers
  • View live certification from recognised assurance bodies
  • Create custom supply chain compliance reports
  • Store and manage product data online

Supply Chain Mapping

Location & compliance data for indirect suppliers (Tier 2 and beyond)
  • Map products and raw materials back to source
  • Location reporting on direct and indirect suppliers
  • Gain visibility of full supply chain
  • View end-to-end compliance data

Additional Software Modules

Bolt-on software solutions that enable you to gather, analyse and share data on your suppliers and products

Audits and Assessments

Unlimited versions/recipients
  • Create and issue unlimited self-assessments to your suppliers
  • Enable on-site audits via the Authenticate Assessments app
  • Analyse responses in real-time
  • Set benchmarks and create smart scorecards

NEW Specification Builder

Unlimited versions/products
  • Combine supplier insight with product data for total transparency
  • Use Direct Data from your suppliers
  • Create and publish specs online or download PDF
  • Standardise internal records and share with customers

Managed Data Services

Each Managed Data Service module  includes a detailed project plan outlining scope and approximate timelines as agreed with a dedicated account manager

Managed Assessments

Self-assessments for your whole supplier base
  • Add-on to the Audits and Assessments module
  • Assessments built, managed and monitored by Authenticate data team
  • Ongoing completion reports
  • Instant visibility of progress

KPI Management

Continual data tracking
  • Continually monitor supplier performance
  • Measure ethical, environmental and social standards
  • Gain insight and strengthen supplier relationships
  • Create scorecards, set thresholds and give real-time feedback

Product Data Management

Real time, all the time
  • Receive validated product data direct from your suppliers
  • Ensure FIR compliance including allergen management
  • Receive notifications of changes to your product data
  • Full customisable cloud-based product catalogue