Revolutionising transparency in food manufacturing

Driven by consumer requirements, ever-growing regulation and government buying standards, the ability to demonstrate supplier transparency is now part of normal trading practice.


Eliminate supply chain blind spots

Since the horse meat scandal of 2013, the ability to demonstrate supply chain transparency and responsible sourcing has become vital for modern food manufacturers. Supply chain blind spots leave manufacturers open to significant operational risk from fraud, adulterated ingredients, malpractices and error. 

The Authenticate Platform provides a simple, cost-effective way of satisfying transparency requirements as well as serving as a persuasive tool when promoting products to new customers.

Supply chain software for manufacturers

Working closely with the Authenticate client services team, your supply chains can be mapped back from your tier 1 suppliers and beyond, providing the visibility you need to manage assessments, conduct internal and external audits and effectively ‘outsource’ one of the most time-consuming operational requirements. 


Don’t just take our word for it...

  • “Using Authenticate has been instrumental in validating our objectives”

    David Houghton

    Technical Director

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