Food industry regulations will undergo a significant redesign and move away from the current ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Issues and trends in food safety are expected to change dramatically in the coming years, following a recent pledge from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to improve its monitoring of food businesses by 2020.

‘Regulating our future’ outlines the FSA’s belief that all consumers have a right to know exactly what is in their food and that it is not acceptable for them to be misled by food manufacturers, retailers or food suppliers.

The FSA states that: “Safety will always be at the heart of what we decide to do. We are proposing a model that continues to use inspections and visits alongside the information we can gain from business’s data and accredited third party audits to ensure that food safety and authenticity are top of a food business’s mind every day – not just on inspection day.”

It has been argued by food industry experts and implied in the FSA statement that food businesses with a clearer supply chain that can prove the origin of a product will have a competitive advantage over those that can’t.

In a digital age where everyone has a smartphone, reputation is paramount and food businesses are slowly opting for product quality and authenticity over cost to avoid being caught in a food safety scandal.

So how can you prepare your business for the changes?

By 2020, the FSA plans to introduce tougher sentencing guidelines for large food businesses, such as increasing fines for food safety errors, so it’s important to make sure your food supply chain is clearly mapped and that you can prove your products are authentic and of good quality.

Smaller food businesses won’t avoid repercussions because the FSA plans to implement tougher sentencing on any retailer, food manufacturer or supplier who knowingly provides false product information.

How can Authenticate IS help?

If your food business is a Premium or Enterprise member of the Authenticate collaborative platform you’re already ahead of the game because you can thoroughly map your products through the entire supply chain.

You can quickly and easily stay on top of any changes within your food supply chain and access information that makes sure customers can be safe in the knowledge that your product is exactly what you say it is.

The Authenticate IS collaborative platform allows you to do more than map your food supply chain. Supply chain transparency is the starting point for a food defence program.

You can check live certification status of your direct and indirect suppliers, manage product attribute data, see countries of origin, get real-time updates, powerful analytics and more… all in one place.

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