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Getting product link tasks, assessment requests and more from your customers via the Authenticate platform? Take a look at some our frequently asked questions for more information and guidance.

Trusted and used by tens of thousands of companies spanning over 100 countries, Authenticate is a global supply chain transparency software solution, helping businesses to see the scale of supplier networks, all the way back to source. By creating a single, easy-to-use online portal, Authenticate provides a more efficient, secure way to digitise, connect suppliers and collect data at all levels of a supply chain in line with data protection regulations.

Many leading brands use the Authenticate platform to mitigate supply chain risk – whether that be for food safety, ethical abuses or environmental reasons. In order to do this, the Authenticate supply chain transparency platform provides its customers with full visibility of their supply chains to be able to interpret data and collaborate with suppliers to drive continuous improvement.

If your business has been identified as part of an Authenticate customers supply chain, you may have been invited to join its collaborative, global network of companies leading the way to true supply chain transparency. By creating a free Authenticate company profile, your business can quickly confirm the products supplied up the chain and declare direct suppliers to your business. All at the touch of a button.

No. Authenticate is completely free for your company to use. The cost of the software is
billed to the customer seeking to map their supply chains for transparency reasons.

It’s really positive that you are prepared to send us all the information we need outside of the Authenticate system, for example on a word document or spreadsheet, but if all our customers suppliers did this, we would need considerably more resource to process all the information on their behalf. The Authenticate platform acts as a secure, central hub to store all supply chain information in a very user-friendly format, so it’s much easier to provide the information requested within the system.

No, the system is easy and intuitive to use, taking a matter of minutes to input the data. The Authenticate team are happy to help guide you through the use of the system if you require assistance.

Once you have accepted a product request, sent via the Authenticate platform on your customers behalf,  your customers will be able to see the supply chain of your direct/indirect suppliers. You will only have sight of the customer one level above and supplier one level below your business. Only those that you have accepted a product link from can see your supply chain.

Unfortunately, you are only able to map your direct suppliers. This is so that we can capture self-declared and confirmed supply chain information.

If you have link requests for one product, supplied to hundreds or thousands of suppliers, please get in contact with the Authenticate team and we will action this on your behalf to save time.

Authenticate takes privacy very seriously, and all of the data on our platform remains your own property. The only information which is shared from within the Authenticate platform is that which you chose to grant access to. Detailed information concerning this is contained within our IT statement.

Yes. In accordance with Article 6 of the GDPR legislation, Authenticate uses legitimate interest as the lawful basis for processing data and has carried out an impact assessment for all aspects of the service.

Authenticate has been audited and was shown to be compliant with ISO27001 information security standards, operating in line with international best practice.

For more information about how we manage our data, please refer to our privacy policy.

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