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“I don’t know where the ingredients in my products came from”

  • How well do you know your supply chain? How quickly can you find out if your products are implicated in a scare?
  • Authenticate the origins of your ingredients with digital supply chain mapping and get full visibility of indirect suppliers to detect risk 
  • Incident response: run a location report in minutes to highlight high-risk suppliers

Solution: Supply chain mapping

“How can I reduce the risk of undeclared allergens in my supply chain?”

  • Get full visibility of ingredients suppliers for pre-packaged food ahead of new allergen labelling legislation
  • Capture up-to-date product data and allergen declarations in real time, right back to source

Solution: Product catalogue & Spec builder

“Managing my suppliers is a full-time job”

  • Digitise your supplier approval and save time on repetitive manual processes
  • Manage your compliance more efficiently with automated certification checks from the biggest food industry schemes
  • Send online supplier assessments with built-in progress reports and custom benchmarks for performance management
  • Receive alerts and notifications when risks are detected e.g. 30 day warning for expiring certificates

Solution: Supply chain mapping & certification  

“It costs a fortune doing physical audits all the time”

  • Build your own self-assessment questionnaires for suppliers and manage responses online so costly 3rd party inspections can become the exception rather than the rule.
Solution: Audits and Assessments

“Our current auditing system doesn’t deliver much insight or value”

  • Get more out of supplier audits and drive improvement with section-by-section response analysis
  • Complete iPad audits onsite and upload instantly for faster feedback and efficient management of corrective actions
  • View detailed question analysis to spot trends

Solution: Audits & Assessments

“How can I evidence the claims on my product?”

  • Track certification back to source e.g. Organic producer status
  • Validate declarations on palm oil, soy & GM ingredients from indirect suppliers
  • Track allergen declarations back to source

Solution: Supply Chain Mapping, Specification Builder

“I need to maintain strong relationships with my suppliers”

  • Data-packed supplier profiles allow you to spend less time checking boxes and more time building strong trading relationships.
Solution: Supplier approval

“I need to ensure there is no slave labour in my company’s supply chains”

  • Check live Sedex membership for your direct & indirect suppliers in minutes
  • See modern slavery declarations attached to company profiles across your supplier network
  • Issue risk assessment questionnaires in a secure online environment

Solution: Sedex API

“How can I ensure that animals in our supply chains are treated well?”

  • Monitor animal welfare standards by capturing Key Performance Indicators (e.g. the ‘5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare’)
  • Set benchmarks to improve performance
  • Track Global Gap, ASC, Red Tractor RSPCA membership
  • View 3rd party audit results online in real-time

Solution: KPIs & Certification

“How can I reduce the environmental impact of our products?”

  • Ensure imported beef, soy & palm oil are sourced from sustainable producers
  • Access precise geo-mapping data (e.g. fishing zones, farm sites)
  • Gather environmental KPI metrics such as water usage, pesticides & soil quality

Solution: Supply Chain
Mapping, KPIs

“How can I ensure fish is responsibly sourced?”

    • Get visibility of geo-mapped fishing zones to validate your sustainable aquaculture policies
    • Access detailed trawler profiles including capture methods, certification and vessel registration
    • Live MCS ‘Good Fish Guide’ sustainability ratings linked to fish & seafood product data 

Solution: MSC certification and Mapping

“How can I reduce the impact of packaging?”

  • Assess your suppliers to find out how much packaging is made from recycled or recyclable materials
  • Set reduction targets via KPI metrics

Solution: Audits and Assessments,KPIs

  • Map supply chains back to source to auto-calculate food miles
  • Set targets to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Use the Authenticate global directory to search for suppliers by location/region

Solution: Mapping

“How can my food business appeal to ethical shoppers?”

  • Take steps towards supply chain transparency – a key requirement for building trust amongst eco-conscious consumers
  • Validate your ethical credentials and eco-friendly policies by setting targets and tracking key metrics within your supplier base
  • Access the facts & figures that will help to communicate your progress 

“How can I protect my brand against food scandals in the press?”

  • Be proactive – don’t wait for the next scandal to hit the headlines to investigate your supply chains
  • Reduce the risks of reputational damage by understanding your products and your trading network
  • Ensure you can access crucial data quickly in order to respond appropriately when food scares happen

“How can I use my supply chain as a marketing tool?”

  • Use digital solutions to show your supply chains in a visual format that’s easy to understand
  • Back up the claims your are making around ethical, environmental and technical performance

“How can I afford to run an audit every time I get a new supplier?”

The Audits and Assessments feature allows Authenticate members to set up and manage the entire auditing process in a secure online environment from start to finish, with the ability to create unlimited self-assessment questionnaire templates and monitor progress all in one place.

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