Entomophagy has received a lot of press lately and insects are now seen as part as the solution to solve the issue of world hunger and also the next big food trend. A pretty big task ahead considering their actual size.

While in the West the notion of eating insects make most people squeamish, around 2 billion people in the world already eat insects as part of their everyday diet.

And if you think you could never eat them, well think again as you probably already have! Insects are already present in our diet in food additives such as cochineal (E120) which is made from crushed red beetles and used as a colouring in drinks, cakes, jams, sweets, sausages, ice cream etc…

Insects are high in protein, low in fat and are about 20 times more efficient than beef at producing body mass. Insects could be the ultimate sustainable food source as they reproduce a lot, are fast growing (crickets only take 45 days from egg to fully adult size), require little water or food and produce low CO2 emissions.

The future of food is a serious problem and while insects are invaluable in preserving our eco systems, their biggest contribution might just be helping the survival of the human species. But first we need to overcome our prejudice towards bugs.

Several entrepreneurs are working to bring the edible insect market to the US and Europe and who knows, as a low fat high protein food The Coleopteran Diet might be the next big thing. As long as the insects are sustainably sourced of course!

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