Turn Data Into Useful Insights

Authenticate dashboards provide highly flexible ways of demonstrating supply chain risk and compliance.  Dashboards bring together data from across the platform and present it in ways that are easy to understand and explore.

Supplier Dashboard
Complete Supply Chain Mapping

The supplier dashboard presents an overview of your whole supply chain and supplier status so you can quickly drill into countries where you have concerns or hone in on suppliers that are not yet approved. 

From Overview to Detail

Switch from overview to detail in one click.  View your full supplier base or drill down and analyze different data types; by category, product, country of origin, assurance status and more.

Transparency of Your Supply Chain

Product mapping dashboard provides flexible options to view levels of transparency within individual product supply chains. It delivers instant access to supply chain depth and key supplier details beyond Tier 1, providing unprecendented transparency insight at a glance.

The filters enables you to drill down by product category, supplier or country, enabling you to focus on the areas that need the most work.

Assessments Dashboard
Capturing the Data You Need and
Highlighting Risks

The assessment dashboard summarises completion and scores for assessments carried out on the Authenticate platform. Indicators highlighting overall assessment scores, assessment status or project completion rates.

A trend line of supply chain risk shows how improvements are being driven, based on supplier responses.

With one-click, the assessment dashboard switches from overview to the detail.

COVID-19 Dashboard
Limiting Supply Chain Risk and Avoiding Disruption

In response to the current crisis, the Covid-19 dashboard overlays real-time data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control with your own supplier data, demonstrating potential areas of future risk or product supply constraint.

Custom Dashboards

Create bespoke dashboards tailored to meet precise customer requirements and benchmarks – for instant Board level reporting.

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