Winterbotham Darby, the leading supplier and manufacturer of antipasti and continental charcuterie, in addition to chilled olives and plant-based foods hosted a fantastic webinar on the 26th March 2021.

Seeking to address the key question “What does the future of sustainable pig farming look like?”, Winterbotham Darby gathered specialists from various organisations including the Food Ethics Council, The University of Leeds and Authenticate’s very own Chief Technology Officer Nic Sheen to share their thoughts.

Asked to present on the topic ‘How technology can help trust data’ in the context of sustainable business, Nic explored the scale, threat and challenges posed by climate change and increasing volumes of data, sharing how to make positive progress and decisions based on all the information now available at our fingertips.

Here are the simple steps businesses can take to harness the power of data to build a more sustainable future.

Set meaningful, simple and aligned goals

The first step is deciding what you want to achieve in the form of meaningful, but simple goals. Linking objectives to globally agreed frameworks such as the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals is a good place to start. By using Authenticate’s supply chain transparency software, the custom dashboard solution can present the actionable insight needed to help businesses monitor progress against defined targets.

Collaboration is king

The complexity of supply chains can prove challenging when wanting to make positive change, outside of your organisation. By engaging with and educating direct and indirect suppliers, through the tiers and all the way back to source, it help to drive change, innovation, best practice and key learnings. Authenticate technology provides collaborative digital tools to empower businesses to engage with supply chain stakeholders, ranging from remote audits and document management modules, to help gather key policy documentation, generate sustainability risk scores and so much more.

Measure, measure, measure

By agreeing simple goals and implementing the appropriate solutions to pinpoint risk, track progress and report on impact, the devil really is in the detail. Without identifying what is and isn’t working, it’s hard to know where you are as a business on your sustainability journey. To find out how Authenticate can help monitor risk and reduce impact using real-time data, get in touch.

Concluding his webinar session, Nic highlighted that it’s only by sharing data and building real relationships across our supply chains that we can accelerate the pace of sustainable change for the planet, whilst continuing to produce the food people require.

Watch Nic’s webinar in full below or visit the Winterbotham Darby website to access all sessions.

Read the Winterbotham Darby case study to find out how they’ve been using the Authenticate platform for over ten years to validate objectives around animal welfare, responsible sourcing and sustainability.

For more information on the Authenticate platform or to discuss your challenges and requirements, get in touch with the team.