Leading catering company, CH&CO, adopted the Authenticate platform in Q4 2021 to centralise, collate and visualise critical supplier information.

Using a series of the software tools to map products and raw materials across categories, collect sourcing and welfare declarations and see live ethical accreditation status, CH&CO was keen to implement a digital solution to help:

  • Drive transparency and compliance
  • Increase supply chain visibility
  • Streamline compliance processes
  • Store and analyse compliance data

Following the launch of the Authenticate ESG Assessment in November 2021, CH&CO became the first organisation to request suppliers to answer the series of questions via the platform, enabling them to compare and benchmark performance against environmental, social and governance matters.

With 38% of CH&CO’s total supplier spend now represented in ESG data, and 98% suppliers rated as Transitional or Transformational in terms of ESG maturity, the assessment provides CH&CO with the insight to collaborate with and improve ESG performance across their supply chains for a more sustainable future.

In reference to CH&CO’s use of the ESG Assessment, Authenticate’s Chief Commercial Officer, Alex Walters said:

“We’re delighted to be helping forward thinking food businesses such as CH&CO to gain previously unseen ESG insights across the breadth of their supply chain. Transparency is essential to supply chain sustainability initiatives, and we’re proud our platform is playing its part.”

Highlighting their view, Samantha Davis, Head of Operational Procurement at CH&CO explained:

Responsible sourcing has become incredibly prevalent and it’s always at the forefront of our decision making across procurement and supply chain.  It’s important to us, our clients and our customers. Food has a huge impact on the planet and people are growing more and more aware of the vital role it plays in the climate crisis. It’s not only essential that we source responsibly, but also that we are authentic and that our teams, clients and customers understand our practices and are reassured that we are sourcing as responsibly as we possibly can.

We have engaged with the Authenticate platform to help us be as transparent as possible with our supply chain. It’s about working in partnership with our suppliers to share information and through this platform they can provide a variety of data – from deforestation and water resilience to where the feed for the animals originates. Our clients demand this level of information and it is our duty to ensure everything we buy can be traceable, from a china cup all the way to our cucumbers and the Authenticate platform is essential for us to achieve our goals.

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