The complexity and often global scale of modern supply chains present significant challenges. Go beyond tier 1 to see the bigger picture, pinpoint risk, deliver efficiencies and provide peace of mind.

Why businesses need transparency in supply chains

Supply chain transparency is now regulatory requirement across the globe with an increasing number of governments implementing steps to address the role of businesses in protecting people and the planet in their supply chains and operations.

Having more transparency in your supply chains can also help organisations to improve efficiencies, as well as boost reputation with consumers.

“Research shows that consumers are willing to pay 2-10% more for products from companies that provide greater supply chain transparency.”

The challenges behind supply chain transparency

Modern supply chains are increasingly complex, especially with international suppliers involved. True supply chain transparency requires that every supplier is honest, accurate and consistent with the information supplied – which is a lot for your organisation to keep track of whilste also running your own business.

Enter, the Authenticate supply chain transparency platform.

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Centralised supply chain transparency data

Supply chain transparency involves a high volume of ever-changing data. With our platform, you can access live direct and indirect supplier details alongside real-time data in a secure, central environment to streamline administration and research processes.

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See the true scale of supplier networks

Our supply chain transparency software helps businesses to identify and review information about every supplier in the chain. Discover the depth of supply chains by viewing supplier locations, raw and finished product origin and journey miles with mapping technology. Creating custom categories, quickly see and act on the chains of interest.

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"Authenticate has helped us to continuously assure our supply chains for quality and integrity through transparency. The platform design is modern, slick and user-friendly."

Nomad Foods

Proven supply chain technology, service & experience

Transferring supply chains from physical to digital environments may seem daunting. But with over 10 years of experience and a talented UK-based client and data team to assist with research, data collection and verification, we have the services available to support platform implementation and future projects.

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