Ensuring fair working conditions, maintaining high welfare standards and safeguarding human rights has never been more important. By leveraging transparency and risk management technology, businesses can access the actionable insight required to protect people, practices and reputation.

What are the main ethical considerations in modern supply chains?

An ethical supply chain will consider economic, environment and social responsibility factors, including:

  • Eliminating child and slave labour
  • Safe and hygienic working conditions
  • Fair pay and working hours
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Ethical sourcing and procurement
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability

“More than 4 in 5 customers claim the ethical standards of retailers matter to them, with 38% also saying they will spend more on a product if a company acts in an ethical way.”

Research from Ipsos MORI

Achieve ethical supply chains by eliminating modern slavery

Using a combination of country, product category, and certification scheme status, our supply chain platform can help you go beyond tier 1 and gather real-time data and supplier policies via mapping, audits and dashboards to tackle slavery and human rights abuses at all levels.

Read the Waitrose case study

Track supplier ethics credentials against key certification schemes

Monitor & maintain animal welfare standards, through the tiers

Ensure you have ethical sourcing and procurement aligned with animal welfare standards. Track and benchmark supplier performance against defined, quantifiable metrics using digital assessment and KPI tools to ensure best practice performance in line with expected operating standards. Centrally monitor supplier status against priority animal welfare certification schemes for assurance and peace of mind.

Read the Karro case study

"Over the last 7 years using the Authenticate platform, we’ve been able to capture data and drive continuous improvement against our animal welfare objectives by reviewing performance against defined KPIs on a quarterly basis. The technology has provided real-time insight to promote best practice with our trusted UK farms, whilst maintaining assurance to certification schemes including Red Tractor and RSPCA.”

Co-op Agricultural Compliance Manager

Ready to implement transparency and supplier management technology to protect rights and improve standards?